Preserve fresh pasta after pasta roller machine process

pasta roller machine process

The pasta roller machine is an extremely convenient appliance used to turn pasta dough into many different shapes of fresh pasta. They are used mainly by pasta fanatics to enjoy fresh pasta from scratch. Once the fresh pasta has been made, it only takes a matter of minutes before it is cooked. If not eaten on the same day, pasta can be refrigerated and stored for a couple of days before cooking and consuming. There a couple of ways to make pasta last longer than a few days. Drying fresh pasta is one of the sure ways your pasta is edible when ready, but there are also many other ways. Here are a few steps to

Make pasta dough and make pasta

pasta roller machine process
The recipe for pasta dough is simple. Use an egg for every 100 grams of flour. Look out for finely ground flour, but all-purpose flour will do if you have nothing else. Now knead the pasta dough. The more you knead pasta dough, the more elastic it becomes as it breaks the gluten present in the flour. Feed it through your pasta roller machine at the widest possible setting then fold it. Repeat the feeding and folding process, but slowly decreasing the pasta thickness after every two or so folds.

Drying pasta

If you’re working with thin pasta, it dries very quickly so hanging it immediately will help retain its shape. A pasta rack or laundry rack is usually used to hold the pasta and is hung using wooden dowels or bent nails hammered into the ceiling. If you’re desperate, you can just hang it using a clothes hanger and putting them to dry from a door knob or a chair’s arm rest or anywhere else that looks like a clothes hanger can be hung. If you wish to eat the pasta, put the dried pasta in a boiling pot of water. Make sure the pasta can fit into the pot for even cooking. It may take a several minutes to a little over an hour to soften the pasta, but it should be ready to mix with the sauce once the “snap” is gone.

Freezing pasta

Before stuffing your pasta in the freezer, cook it until to soften it up, but just enough so that it is still firm when bitten into. This kind of pasta cooking is also known as al dente. If your pasta is too soft, it becomes “mushy” when reheated. Remember, the firmer your pasta is before being frozen, the better. You may use a zip lock bag or freezable containers to freeze your pasta. If you want to eat it again, just make sure that your pasta is lying flat in whatever container you wish to heat it in. Put the container containing the pasta into the oven or the microwave and heat until ready to eat. This is a great way to have ready to go meals at work or at home.

Pasta roller machines are great on their own, but it’s not good if you can’t finish what you made. The processes mentioned above will help you save on spending that extra dollar on another meal that could’ve been avoided with a prepared meal.