Reasons to get an Electric Pasta Maker

Electric pasta maker is super simple to use. They’re a modern convenience that can make your homemade pastas more fun and easy to make. There are many electric pasta makers in the market so you have a lot of machines to choose from. They can be either made from stainless steel or chrome plated. Here are a few reasons why you should get an electric pasta maker.

The world is changing, change with it

Making pasta manually is using too much time. Electric pasta maker cuts the time you spend cutting and rolling almost in half. Modern conveniences are not a way to stray from our past, but to make unnecessarily tedious tasks more tolerable and available to even the newest of cooks.

No more kneading

Pasta dough kneading is so tiring. It makes my arms hurt and my shoulders sore. With electric pasta makers, we no longer need to feel those pains to enjoy a nice hot meal.

Save time

If you’ve got a family and have little time to cook, getting an electric pasta maker will help you a lot. It’s nice to have a home cooked meal but when all you end up doing is cooking, eating, sleeping and then you might neglect your family. With half the work of pasta making done for you, you can spend more time with your kids or loved ones or have more time to watch your favorite TV series.

Save money

You save money at home by making homemade pasta. Why? It’s healthier for you and your family so that means you don’t have to spend so much on hospital or medical bills. If you’re in the restaurant business, this means that prepping pasta can make you send out food faster and you don’t have to hire someone for a minimal task like feeding pasta into the pasta maker.

A Gift

Trust me. People want to receive gifts that they can use. Buying one for your neighbor, best friend, sibling or parent can help them save money, save time and eat healthier. It will encourage them to cook and if they’re confident with their creation, might score you a free meal.

They’re safe

Electric pasta makers are also safe for both yourself and your child. A lot of electric pasta makers have safety functions that prevent overheating or mixing and cutting anything extremely thick, making it a perfect way of teaching your kids the beauty of pasta making or just cooking in general.

Assortment of pasta

Because electric pasta makers make the pasta dough for you, they can automatically cut and shape the pasta for you as well. This is perfect for switching it up in your cooking repertoire. Spaghetti, fettuccine, macaroni and lasagna are only a few shops an electronic pastas maker can create.

If that’s not enough to reel you in to buying an electric pasta maker, imagine having to make 300 pasta dishes every day. Sure, having maximum control over your pasta is great, but if you’re worn out, the rest of your dishes are compromised. Even then, you are still able to control your pasta thickness and consistency with an electric pasta maker. This modern convenience is a godsend for those large scale operations like feeding a big family or for commercial uses.

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3 Crucial things to know about pasta rollers

Why get a pasta roller?

Pasta is incredibly delicious, filling and incredibly healthy. There are only a few things that can beat homemade lasagna sheets and full tortellini. To make this possible, you’ll need a great pasta roller. There are so many kinds and brands of in the market and with all of them stating their pasta roller is the best, it can be a bit overwhelming for first time pasta rollers. It’s perfectly normal. One thing to remember though, there is no roller that is the best in every single aspect.

Pasta rollers are a sure way to make your homemade pasta quickly. It’s the healthy alternative to making pasta and allows for more control over how your pasta is made. Manual pasta rollers are usually cheaper than electronic ones, but electronic ones don’t need you to make pasta dough by hand and can be easily operated by yourself.

How do pasta rollers work?

Pasta rollers are used to help you knead and form your pasta dough. There are typically two kinds – electric and manual. Manual pasta rollers make use of a crank that makes the machine work. They are used to make pasta shapes out of the handmade dough. In contrast, an electronic one only needs the ingredients poured in to make your pasta dough.

What to look for in a pasta roller

To choose the right pasta roller, you must first know what you need from your machine. Manual pasta rollers are usually favored, but automatic ones work well.

Pasta originated from Italy so it is common sense to purchase pasta rollers made in Italy. Make sure the machine you end up choosing is durable and does what it needs to do. Pasta rollers are needed to make consistently fresh homemade pasta in a short amount of time. It’s always healthier and tastier to serve homemade pasta because premade, pre-packed and dried pastas from the supermarket are full of preservatives and can be very unhealthy. In the long run, making your own pasta will help you save a lot of money in both buying pasta and on health bills.

It’s normal for pasta machines to be made out of steel or aluminum and have a way to cut your pasta. There is also a feed where you place the pasta dough or the ingredients. They have to be light weight and be able to make different kinds of pasta (not just spaghetti). There must not be any way for pasta to get stuck in hard to reach places otherwise it’ll just be a headache to clean rather than being a convenience for your kitchen. The parts must be easily disassembled and the pasta made must be consistent in thickness so it cooks evenly.

Take into account your style of cooking, your budget and the amount of time you can spare to cook a meal and you’ll be sure to be pleased with your decision at the end of the day. Aside from price, pasta roller brands and their manufacturers must be taken into account.

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6 reasons to only use the best pasta rollers

Pasta is usually frowned upon because it has a lot of carbohydrates. It has been categorized as a comfort food rather than a healthy and cost effective food. Even making your own pasta with the best pasta roller is frowned on even if it clearly is the healthy alternative. Here are nine reasons why you should only use the best pasta roller available

1. Homemade pasta

Homemade pasta is one of the healthiest ways to get one’s carbohydrates. Flour is used in making pasta and flour is derived from wheat. Wheat has a good amount of protein, has all important amino acids, is low in the glycemic index, has little fat and has a low calorie count.

2. Cleaning

Not likes to do the cleaning up and it’s understandable if you want to avoid it as much as possible. Good pasta rollers are made out of stainless steel or are chrome played making pasta and flour less prone to sticking to the nooks and crannies of your pasta roller. This should be reason enough to get the best pasta rollers available.

3. Even pasta

If you made and cut your pasta dough and pasta evenly, making even and consistent paste is a breeze. The reason you want, this is because if your pasta is uneven, it cooks at different rates so you might end up with raw pasta inside but well cooked pasta outside. It’s a nightmare for any chef to be.

4. No fuss, no muss

The less work you have to put into making the actual pasta the better. Good pasta rollers can be operated easily and if the hand crank is manual, should be smooth and not tiring on the shoulders. Continuous strain on the shoulders can cause long term joint damage which is never a good result.

5. Appearance

The look of a full kitchen is beautiful. Just the fact that you have a pasta maker in your kitchen is enough to woo the ladies. If you are a lady then you can brag to your friends that you made your own homemade pasta and can teach them for a price. It’s also a motivator to cook at home. You don’t want to waste your money on an appliance if you’re not going to use it right? If the option is available to cook at home, then there are going to be times that you do end up cooking homemade pasta even if you are tired.

6. Safety

Some of the best pasta rollers have safety features that prevent overheating or any hard objects being lodged into the gears. This is great when you or your kids have those clumsy moments and don’t want to end up losing a finger or setting the whole house on fire.

Hopefully after reading this, you’ll start budgeting for the best pasta roller available. The reason being that homemade pasta is a great diet food depending on the sauce and is filling so you don’t end up overeating. It could be used as a treat after a whole week’s worth of hard work and careful dieting. Pasta is also enjoyed by other people so if you have guests around, you won’t feel bad about feeding them something healthy and hearty.

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4 of the Best Pasta Machines

Pasta is very healthy and flexible food. It is an incredibly fun way to get the daily requirements for fire, carbohydrates, protein and minerals. It’s packed full of life giving energy to keep you alert throughout your day and, unlike the sauces they’re paired up with, doesn’t make you fat. To create handmade pasta, you’ll need to buy your own pasta maker (or borrow one). Some of the best pasta machine out there is:

CucinaPro Imperia

If you’re looking for an affordable and well equipped pasta maker, then the CucinaPro Imperia are the one for you. It is simple to use and putting it together is easy. The instructions can be quite a problem since they were directly translated from Italian so if you’re clueless on what you’re doing, it might be tough starting this best pasta machine.

This pasta maker is light and can easily be stored. The CucinaPro Imperia’s rubber legs and clamp are very sturdy and can be used with many, if not all kitchen counter shapes and tables. To get the most out of your CucinaPro Imperia, you’ll need to spin the crank quickly because spinning it slowly can cause the pasta maker’s cutter to be covered in pasta dough.

Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster

This heavy-duty pasta maker only needs a few minutes to make a lot of fresh homemade pasta. There are a lot of options for different pasta shapes. Instead of spending hours on end making your own pasta dough, the Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster can get your mixing done for you. This pasta maker has a strong 300W motor that can push out 3 pounds of homemade pasta in twenty to thirty minutes. This pasta maker has a safety feature that automatically shuts it down when it shows signs of overheating which is enough for large scale pasta making. The Lello 2730 3000 Pro is a whopping 24 pounds.

Marcato Atlas 150

The humble beginnings of the Marcato Company did not drive it from making well designed pasta makers. This has caused a lot of their competition to follow their design. Marcato has been the leading brand in high grade pasta makers. The Marcato Atlas 150 is a pasta machine fuse today’s technology with a minimalist approach. Marcato’s target market is the health conscious customer of today’s fast paced world. The Marcato Atlas 150 is a manual pasta maker that requires you to turn a crank. It is easy to clean and makes great homemade pasta.

Atlas Pasta Machine

This pasta machine is safe and very stable. The Atlas Pasta Machine was made to last for a long time for commercial uses. This machine is versatile in the sense that it can be both hands cranked or be attached to a 110V motor to make the machine work. The motor is perfect for the tired or lazy chef and the hand crank can be really quiet for the complacent neighbors. The pasta thickness is also adjustable.

The best Pasta machine is plentiful and many companies would want you to buy their product. Sometimes you just need that little push from someone else’s opinion. Hopefully my opinion aided you in choosing the pasta maker for you.

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3 amazing electric pasta machines

Making your own homemade pasta can be quite tedious and when you think about manually cranking the pasta dough. If endless handle turning is not your idea of cooking, then worry not, electric pasta machine does that for you. If not, maybe you just want an electric pasta machine so that your kitchen is complete with appliances you might need. With this guide, hopefully we can help you make up your mind. Here are four of our favorite electric pasta machines.

Alta Pasta Machine with Motor Set

The Alta Pasta Machine with motor set is an effective approach to Alta Pasta well-made manual pasta makers.

This electric pasta machine saves you time and effort by doing all the tiring winding and rotating for you. It has a very reasonable price, has durable metals and is built to last so it can handle months or even years of use. Some people have even said it has lasted them a decade. Expect to pay $200 if you ordered one brand new.

The Alta Pasta Machine with motor set is super easy to use and one review stated she has had the same machine for twenty years and might even pass it on to her children if it lasts longer.

Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

Imperia have been making commercial level pasta machines for a long time. The Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine was made for the restaurant chef. It’s not limited to restaurants, though; cooks with big families or big parties will find the Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine to be perfect.

This electric pasta maker is made from steel plated with chromium. It can make 220 millimeter-wide pasta strips and has a good selection of pasta thickness. It can push out twelve kilograms (twenty-six pounds) of freshly made pasta in only an hour.

Getting a Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine will cost you $1500 to $2000 but everyone says it is worth it.

Pasta Presto Mach

As the name suggests, the Pasta Presto machine works like magic. It is super stylish and has a futuristic edge to it. This curvaceous electric pasta maker Is made to make your pasta dough flat and cut you tip into fettuccine or tangliatelle shapes in style.

The Pasta Preso machine has a non-stick coat for clean and safe pasta making. It has a knob with six thickness settings and only weighs 13 pounds. The quality of pasta this machine pushes out is perfect since Imperia is an Italian brand.

Of course, buying excellence and sexiness in one machine will cost you $500 to $600 if it’s brand new but with the look and efficiency it provides, I say it’s worth it.

Not to say that manual crank pastas are not good, it is just easier for the stay at home chef to have as many conveniences as possible. It is hard to pick out the cream of the crop with all the electric pasta machine brands and manufacturers staking their claim of the best electric pasta machine ever.

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Problems with 4 popular pasta machines

There are a lot of good and popular pasta machines, but a lot of them have problems as well. As high as these may be rated by users, there are a few machines that are frustrating in their own right. The problems can be overlooked, but they’re still problems nonetheless.

CucinaPro Imperia

The manual hand crank tends to fall off when being cranked. It appears that the handle fits snugly into the machine and the wide noodle cutter, but can’t fit into the narrow noodle cutter. The handle or the machine itself might need some adjustments or modifications with tools.

A big drawback to the CucinaPro Imperia can’t be washed conventionally. In order to clean this pasta maker, you need to use a brush. Make sure to keep this machine from the water. There are also many nooks and crannies where the pasta dough can get lodged.

The crank and gears aren’t very smooth. It could use something that could make turning the crank easier ling bearings. The CunicaPro Imperia only have two settings, a small fettuccine setting and a regular spaghetti width. More settings would’ve been nice. It is a little heavier than it should be but the weight adds stability to it. It needs to be cleaned regularly if used frequently like in restaurants.

Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster

The Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster is noisy, which is understandable for a machine with a really strong motor. The noise of the engine can be very annoying when working with dough. It’s horrible if it’s going to be used in a commercial setting because chefs won’t be able to pick up any noise because the engine is as loud as a blender. At least the noise is reduced once it starts making the pasta.

The Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster has a problem with pushing out pasta at a constant rate. This usually happens when the stirring paddles don’t push enough dough through the auger slot. This can easily be remedied by turning off the machine and repositioning the dough and turning it on again.

If your Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster is new, it might have the paint of smell. It goes away after a while.

Rome 6 Inch Traditional Style Pasta Machine

The quality of the gear mechanism is inconsistent. Some reviews say that they break easily whereas others say that they last longer than a few months to a year. Better quality control might be needed.

A motor can be attached to the machine which is handy, but it only wears out the gears even faster. The rollers don’t line up properly when adjusted so you might end up with uneven pasta at times.

The cutter doesn’t penetrate through all of the pasta sometimes so manual cutting might be required. If your Rome 6 Inch Traditional Style Pasta Machine is brand new, you’ll need to run scrap pasta dough through the machine six times just to get the grease and the metal filings out.

Atlas Pasta Machine

As great as the Atlas Pasta Machine might be, it can only make four pasta shapes. Macaroni is not one of the options. What a shame. The motor is weak and is prone to slowing down, but it makes feeding dough into the machine easier. The motor is encased in a plastic casing which makes the machine prone to overheating so you might have to go easy on the motor. At least the warranty is three years. The motor is also very noisy.

Many pasta machines, makers like to boast about their product’s features that they overlook quality control. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll be more cautious when making a purchase, whether it’s online or in a store.

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The best pasta makers reviewed

It’s tantalizing when you think you have the best pasta maker. Luckily, we’ve done our own pasta maker reviews to judge if these truly are the best.

Atlas Original Pasta Machine

There are a number of pasta makers made by Marcato but the Atlas Original pasta maker is the favorite of Amazon customers based on pasta maker reviews. Function and style-wise, it is almost identical to the more popular Imperia Pasta Machine SP150 because it is, this pasta maker is made out of steel and is a manual pasta roller with an attachment for long pasta. This Italian pasta maker is incredibly durable and if available at a good deal, is worth every single penny. This world class pasta maker will last for years for taken care of properly. Making a bundle of freshly made pasta is only a matter of minutes. It can take some punishment and at $70, it should.

Imperia Pasta Machine SP150

The Imperia Pasta Machine SP150 is the most popular and has one of the highest ratings among all the pasta makers available online. This pasta machine is Italian made and is the most common pasta maker on the market to date. It’s great for starting off your pasta making attempts and can easily give you good results. The Imperia Pasta Machine is made out of steel that is chrome plated and has attachments for spaghetti and fettuccine (my favorite). It’s not wise to skimp on the value because it is incredibly sturdy and smooth. This one costs $70 to $90.

Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

This is a money Pincher’s favorite pasta maker. It’s very affordable and well made. The Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine is a bit on the lighter side, but its price is competitive, unlike the Atlas Original Pasta Machine and the Imperia Pasta Machine SP150. Many amazon customers love this pasta maker and they all agree that the Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine is the best starting point for learning how to make your own homemade pasta. It’s not for heavy-duty use and can easily produce thick or thin pasta. This pasta maker is a bargain at $25 to $35.

Torchio Pasta Hand Pres

The Torchio Pasta Hand Press is a commercial level pasta maker made for heavy-duty uses that would wear out other pasta maker machines. It pushes the pasta out of the bottom of the machine which makes the pasta stick when they are pushed out. It can make spaghetti and a very fast rate and is a very hard machine to mess up. The Torchio Pasta Hand Press requires you to make pasta dough by hand, but that’s not much of a surprise coming from a manual crank pasta maker. The simple design of this pasta maker allows it to last for several years and the parts can be easily reproduced or repaired. The Torchio Pasta Hand Press is very pricey. It will set you back $400 to $500 but if you’re looking for that long-term investment for your restaurant, you can’t go wrong with this machine.

There is no universally best pasta maker and no pasta maker review can convince you if your machine is the best or not. It is a matter of what you are used to. In other words, only you can decide which is the best pasta maker, this is only an opinion.

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4 trustworthy pasta machine reviews

Amazon and other online stores sell a whole lot of pasta makers. With those products come a lot of pasta machine reviews from customers. A lot of these machines are owned by many people so these are the machines that we chose.

Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

For people out there who don’t have deep pockets, this pasta machine is great for you. The Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine is lighter than other pasta machines its size, but it is very affordable price compared to the Imperia Pasta Machine SP150 and the Atlas Original Pasta Machine. Based on pasta machine reviews, people enjoy using the Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine as a first buy for their newly acquired culinary interest in pasta making. Heavy-duty pasta making should be avoided, but fret not, it can make thin or thick pasta with east. This incredibly affordable machine will only set you back $25 to $35.

Atlas Original Pasta Machine

Marcato has made several kinds of pasta makers in a short amount of time but pasta makers around the world agree that this Marcato classic is still the best model they’ve made. In terms of function and style, the Atlas Original Pasta Machine is very similar to the popular Imperia Pasta Machine SP150 in that they are both built ours out of steel and are both manual pasta rollers that come along with long-pasta attachments. This Italian beast of a pasta maker will last you for several years if maintained properly. To make a batch of homemade pasta will only take you a few minutes with the Atlas Original Pasta Machine and take a load of punishment. This pasta machine will cost you $70 to $90

Imperia Pasta Machine SP150

According to Amazon’s online customers, the most popular and highest rated pasta making machine is the Imperia Pasta Machine SP150. This pasta machine is made in Italy and are the commonly seen in the markets and malls making replacement and repairs easy to find. It is beginner friendly and can satisfy you with great pasta. Like the Atlas Original Pasta Machine, it is built out of steel, but is plated with chrome. Buying one comes with fettuccine and spaghetti attachments. It is rare to find such a trusted pasta maker model at the reasonable price of $70. It is worth every penny. This machine has some of the best pasta machine reviews online.

Torchio Pasta Hand Press

This pasta maker is a commercial grade appliance. The Torchio pasta maker was designed for long-term, heavy-duty pasta making and easily outperforms other pasta makers in durability. It extrudes pasta from the bottom-side of the pasta maker so the pastas tend to stick to each other. Spaghetti is, this pasta maker’s forte and it is super simple to use. In order to make handmade pasta using the Torchio Pasta Hand Press, you will need to make your own pasta dough before feeding it into the machine. This is common for all manual pasta makers. This pasta maker’s basic design makes it easily replaceable and repairable, but that won’t be necessary since this machine is very durable and can last you several years. All these great features come at a cost of $500.

We’ve shortened Amazon customer reviews to save you time and effort reading through pages of good and bad pasta machine reviews. These are all great pasta machines with their own pros and cons.

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Reasons to upgrade to an Electric Pasta Roller

electric pasta roller is easy. Not only are they easy to pick up on but they allow you to make homemade pastas with relative ease as compared to manual pasta rollers. There are several electric pasta rollers available online or in shops so choosing one that suits you will be easy. Here are our reasons why you should upgrade to an electric pasta roller.

Why pass on a good thing?

The traditional way of making pasta is very tedious and takes up too much time. An electric pasta roller decreases the time you need to spend on rolling and cutting by a significant amount. These technological marvels only make food preparation easier and don’t get in the way of your much demanded time.

No need to knead

The kneading pasta dough is one of the most tiring parts when cooking Italian food for yourself or for your family. If you get an electric pasta roller, you don’t need to be tired from cooking a hearty meal.

Save your time

Cooking a full meal for your family when you’ve got little to no time to cook is horrible. With an electric pasta roller, you can make those hearty meals to make your kids smile even more. Don’t neglect your family’s health and well-being by buying them fast food. Instead, make homemade pasta in half the time you usually would.

Save your money

Feeding your family saturated fats and sugars is just going to make you spend hundreds on medical bills later on. Save up now by getting an electric pasta roller. If you’re in the food industry, not having to hire another cook just to make pasta, fast enough will help you keep your business afloat.

Makes a great gift

People don’t want the latest gadgets. If you really want to make your friends and family happy, buy them an electric pasta roller. It will help them save money buying their own and you know that you just helped out in improving their lifestyle by providing a healthy way to make food.

Safety reasons

Pasta makers have a lot of gears and sharp areas that can harm you and your children. Getting an electric pasta roller will keep you and your children safe from broken appendages and fires. Many electric pasta rollers have safety features in case hard objects are lodged into the machine or if it overheats.

If these are not enough to get you to buy one for yourself, imagine if you have to cook 300 pasta dishes with homemade pasta every day. Electric pasta rollers can give you a lot of control over your pasta, which is absolutely great and then your other dishes will not be compromised because of your fatigue at the end of the day. These modern marvels allow you to control pasta thickness and its consistency. Electric pasta rollers are perfect for those commercial operations like a restaurant or a catering service or for those big operations like feeding a big family or a whole neighborhood.

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3 basics must know about pasta makers

Pasta is tasty, satisfying and good for you. There’re only a handful of foods that top homemade spaghetti, fettuccine and macaroni. To make homemade pasta a reality, what you need is a good pasta maker. There is a wide array of pasta maker brands sold in stores. With every brand declaring that their product is the optimal choice, it is overwhelming when first time pasta makers want to make a purchase. Take note that no pasta maker is universal in every single way.

Why buy a pasta maker?

Getting a pasta maker guarantees that your homemade pasta is not time consuming. Homemade pasta is healthy and creating your own pasta lets you control the pasta making process. Electronic pasta makers are more expensive than manual ones, but buying an electronic pasta maker helps you save time and labor because it can be operated by one person.

How do they work?

Pasta makers are specifically made to make kneading and forming of pasta dough easier. The two kinds of pasta makers are – electric pasta makers and manual pasta makers. Manual ones use a crank that is used to make the machine function. They are needed to shape pasta using handmade dough. Electronic pasta makers only require you to pour the ingredients into the machine to create pasta dough and pasta shapes.

Things to look for when buying a pasta maker

To pick the perfect pasta maker for you, you need to know what your machine needs to do for you. Crank powered pasta makers are favored in kitchens, but electronic pasta makers are also good.

Italy is the origin of pasta so it’s favorable to buy pasta makers manufactured in Italy. Check if the machine you choose works well. To make fresh and consistent homemade pasta quickly, you need a pasta maker. Homemade pasta is the delicious and healthier choice because dried and baked pasta from the shop are filled with preservatives making it extremely unhealthy. Making homemade pasta will help you financially in health bills and in buying pasta.

Pasta machines are usually made of aluminum or steel and should have some way to make cutting pasta possible. The pasta maker’s feed allows you to put ingredients or pasta dough through the machine. Pasta makers are lightweight because of the metals used and they must be capable of making an assortment of pasta shapes (not just spaghetti). Pasta maker jamming should be easily dealt with and stuck the pasta dough should be easily cleanable otherwise they end up being an inconvenience to clean rather than being a time saver for your kitchen. The pasta maker parts should be detachable and it should make consistently thick pasta so it can be evenly cooked.

Think about how you cook, how much you can spend and how long do you have of time to prepare a meal. Keeping these in mind during your purchase will help you choose the pasta maker that suits you. The brand and manufacturer of the past are equally important.

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