4 trustworthy pasta machine reviews

4 trustworthy pasta machine reviews

Amazon and other online stores sell a whole lot of pasta makers. With those products come a lot of pasta machine reviews from customers. A lot of these machines are owned by many people so these are the machines that we chose.

Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

For people out there who don’t have deep pockets, this pasta machine is great for you. The Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine is lighter than other pasta machines its size, but it is very affordable price compared to the Imperia Pasta Machine SP150 and the Atlas Original Pasta Machine. Based on pasta machine reviews, people enjoy using the Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine as a first buy for their newly acquired culinary interest in pasta making. Heavy-duty pasta making should be avoided, but fret not, it can make thin or thick pasta with east. This incredibly affordable machine will only set you back $25 to $35.

Atlas Original Pasta Machine

Marcato has made several kinds of pasta makers in a short amount of time but pasta makers around the world agree that this Marcato classic is still the best model they’ve made. In terms of function and style, the Atlas Original Pasta Machine is very similar to the popular Imperia Pasta Machine SP150 in that they are both built ours out of steel and are both manual pasta rollers that come along with long-pasta attachments. This Italian beast of a pasta maker will last you for several years if maintained properly. To make a batch of homemade pasta will only take you a few minutes with the Atlas Original Pasta Machine and take a load of punishment. This pasta machine will cost you $70 to $90

Imperia Pasta Machine SP150

According to Amazon’s online customers, the most popular and highest rated pasta making machine is the Imperia Pasta Machine SP150. This pasta machine is made in Italy and are the commonly seen in the markets and malls making replacement and repairs easy to find. It is beginner friendly and can satisfy you with great pasta. Like the Atlas Original Pasta Machine, it is built out of steel, but is plated with chrome. Buying one comes with fettuccine and spaghetti attachments. It is rare to find such a trusted pasta maker model at the reasonable price of $70. It is worth every penny. This machine has some of the best pasta machine reviews online.

Torchio Pasta Hand Press

This pasta maker is a commercial grade appliance. The Torchio pasta maker was designed for long-term, heavy-duty pasta making and easily outperforms other pasta makers in durability. It extrudes pasta from the bottom-side of the pasta maker so the pastas tend to stick to each other. Spaghetti is, this pasta maker’s forte and it is super simple to use. In order to make handmade pasta using the Torchio Pasta Hand Press, you will need to make your own pasta dough before feeding it into the machine. This is common for all manual pasta makers. This pasta maker’s basic design makes it easily replaceable and repairable, but that won’t be necessary since this machine is very durable and can last you several years. All these great features come at a cost of $500.

We’ve shortened Amazon customer reviews to save you time and effort reading through pages of good and bad pasta machine reviews. These are all great pasta machines with their own pros and cons.