3 Crucial things to know about pasta rollers

3 Crucial things to know about pasta rollers

Why get a pasta roller?

Pasta is incredibly delicious, filling and incredibly healthy. There are only a few things that can beat homemade lasagna sheets and full tortellini. To make this possible, you’ll need a great pasta roller. There are so many kinds and brands of in the market and with all of them stating their pasta roller is the best, it can be a bit overwhelming for first time pasta rollers. It’s perfectly normal. One thing to remember though, there is no roller that is the best in every single aspect.

Pasta rollers are a sure way to make your homemade pasta quickly. It’s the healthy alternative to making pasta and allows for more control over how your pasta is made. Manual pasta rollers are usually cheaper than electronic ones, but electronic ones don’t need you to make pasta dough by hand and can be easily operated by yourself.

How do pasta rollers work?

Pasta rollers are used to help you knead and form your pasta dough. There are typically two kinds – electric and manual. Manual pasta rollers make use of a crank that makes the machine work. They are used to make pasta shapes out of the handmade dough. In contrast, an electronic one only needs the ingredients poured in to make your pasta dough.

What to look for in a pasta roller

To choose the right pasta roller, you must first know what you need from your machine. Manual pasta rollers are usually favored, but automatic ones work well.

Pasta originated from Italy so it is common sense to purchase pasta rollers made in Italy. Make sure the machine you end up choosing is durable and does what it needs to do. Pasta rollers are needed to make consistently fresh homemade pasta in a short amount of time. It’s always healthier and tastier to serve homemade pasta because premade, pre-packed and dried pastas from the supermarket are full of preservatives and can be very unhealthy. In the long run, making your own pasta will help you save a lot of money in both buying pasta and on health bills.

It’s normal for pasta machines to be made out of steel or aluminum and have a way to cut your pasta. There is also a feed where you place the pasta dough or the ingredients. They have to be light weight and be able to make different kinds of pasta (not just spaghetti). There must not be any way for pasta to get stuck in hard to reach places otherwise it’ll just be a headache to clean rather than being a convenience for your kitchen. The parts must be easily disassembled and the pasta made must be consistent in thickness so it cooks evenly.

Take into account your style of cooking, your budget and the amount of time you can spare to cook a meal and you’ll be sure to be pleased with your decision at the end of the day. Aside from price, pasta roller brands and their manufacturers must be taken into account.