3 amazing electric pasta machines

3 amazing electric pasta machines

Making your own homemade pasta can be quite tedious and when you think about manually cranking the pasta dough. If endless handle turning is not your idea of cooking, then worry not, electric pasta machine does that for you. If not, maybe you just want an electric pasta machine so that your kitchen is complete with appliances you might need. With this guide, hopefully we can help you make up your mind. Here are four of our favorite electric pasta machines.

Alta Pasta Machine with Motor Set

The Alta Pasta Machine with motor set is an effective approach to Alta Pasta well-made manual pasta makers.

This electric pasta machine saves you time and effort by doing all the tiring winding and rotating for you. It has a very reasonable price, has durable metals and is built to last so it can handle months or even years of use. Some people have even said it has lasted them a decade. Expect to pay $200 if you ordered one brand new.

The Alta Pasta Machine with motor set is super easy to use and one review stated she has had the same machine for twenty years and might even pass it on to her children if it lasts longer.

Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

Imperia have been making commercial level pasta machines for a long time. The Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine was made for the restaurant chef. It’s not limited to restaurants, though; cooks with big families or big parties will find the Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine to be perfect.

This electric pasta maker is made from steel plated with chromium. It can make 220 millimeter-wide pasta strips and has a good selection of pasta thickness. It can push out twelve kilograms (twenty-six pounds) of freshly made pasta in only an hour.

Getting a Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine will cost you $1500 to $2000 but everyone says it is worth it.

Pasta Presto Mach

As the name suggests, the Pasta Presto machine works like magic. It is super stylish and has a futuristic edge to it. This curvaceous electric pasta maker Is made to make your pasta dough flat and cut you tip into fettuccine or tangliatelle shapes in style.

The Pasta Preso machine has a non-stick coat for clean and safe pasta making. It has a knob with six thickness settings and only weighs 13 pounds. The quality of pasta this machine pushes out is perfect since Imperia is an Italian brand.

Of course, buying excellence and sexiness in one machine will cost you $500 to $600 if it’s brand new but with the look and efficiency it provides, I say it’s worth it.

Not to say that manual crank pastas are not good, it is just easier for the stay at home chef to have as many conveniences as possible. It is hard to pick out the cream of the crop with all the electric pasta machine brands and manufacturers staking their claim of the best electric pasta machine ever.